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event management

management console

Create and manage events from anywhere, and take control of ticket sales and distribution with ease. Organise customers, keep track of their orders and manage user access - all within a single web-based portal.

reporting & analytics

Intuitive & customisable reporting, delivering valuable insights to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Comprehensive tools to easily track and analyse all key aspects of ticketing operations.

ticket customisation

Easily customise ticket and email templates with our user-friendly editor, providing unique ticketing that elevates the experience. Offer choice for ticket fulfillment, such as e-ticket, registered post, or mobile / digital wallet.

anti-scalp controls

Deliver a secure & trusted ticket-buying experience by protecting against fraud and ticket resale when using our industry-leading anti-scalping advanced ID verification & ticket validation controls.

seatmap designer

Bring seating charts to life with our browser -based dynamic layout builder. Able to handle all levels of complexities and scales, create immersive seating charts that accurately reflect venues with ease.

scanning & control

Secure & efficient ticket validation on the go with our mobile check-in app. Features real-time admission statistics and allows for scanning by ticket category or entrance. Suitable for use in low-light venues.

physical tickets & shipping

Print & dispatch physical tickets - whether general or custom ticket stock - using your customers’ preferred shipping provider. Easily manage and track orders, ensuring that the tickets arrive safely and on time.

dynamic pricing

Power market-driven pricing that accurately tracks and adjusts based on a configurable pricing matrix to reflect the popularity of an event, whilst also ensuring fair and equitable access for all - even for popular tickets.

data portability

Easily access and manage all your valuable event data with convenient data export tools. With a simple click, extract customer information, ticket purchase history and event details. Data belongs to you; make use of it as you see fit.

payment processing

Secure and reliable payment processing with all major payment methods, cards, and wallets integrated. Easy to manage and accept payments, giving customers peace of mind that payments will be processed quickly and securely.

3rd party tickets

Verify tickets from multiple 3rd party sellers with maximum security and minimum hassle using the ticket verification system in our mobile check-in app. Ultimate control over the check-in process, regardless how many distribution channels.

delayed tickets

Minimise fraud & ticket resale with a time-based ticket release & dispatch processes designed to uphold authenticity of each ticket. Issue custom notifications with dedicated collection / shipping / download instructions & track engagements.

omni-channel sales

online ticketing

Total branded online experience with a fully customisable white label solution. Control every aspect of the ticketing experience, from adding to cart to customer communications.

box office system

Comprehensive POS solution with an innovate single-page booking hub for optimised selling efficiency. Packed with advanced features, external connectivity and access rights controls.


From tablet devices or custom screen solutions, offer self-service ticket buying & collection purchase tickets and expand your ticket sales outlets - without complex hardware or setup.

reserved seating

Allow audiences to make informed decisions with rich & dynamic seat selection capabilities. Provide views from seats, manage comprehensive seat selection rule-sets (qty's, gaps, etc).

ticket add-ons

Create uniquely personalised experiences with upsells and add-ons, from VIP meet & greets to exclusive content, merchandise and food & beverage - all designed to maximise value.

offers & promo codes

Create and manage multi-dimensional offers & promotional campaigns at scale, with extensive controls and real-time engagement & usage metrics.

sales dashboard

View real-time insights on sales and attendance. Customise views based on roles (promoter, event, etc). Gain a deeper understanding of audiences to make informed decisions.

b2b api's

Extend your sales reach and/or create added-value by using API access to provide access to your catalogue and integrate external products & services to your offering.

digital wallets

Accept payment via digital wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay & AliPay. Distribute tickets to digital wallets for optimal audience convenience.

ticket reservation

Allow audiences to reserve tickets now and pay later - offline and online. Configure reservation rules by event, with consistency across all sales channels.

donations & subscriptions

Make donations simple using our integrated donation system within the booking process, while communicating to your audience about your goals and targets easily.


Harness RFID technology to enable quick and secure audience verification. Power an easy, hands-free way to make at-event purchases with just a tap of a wristband or badge.

customer engagement

customer management

360° view of your customers, consolidating all omni-channel purchasing & attendance history and predictive insights into preferences & behaviours to drive optimal personalisation across experience & engagement.

marketing automation

Leverage AI and predictive analytics to offer personalized recommendations based on preferences & behaviours. Boost sales by recovering lost opportunities through automated cart abandonment and remarketing.

helpdesk & support

Deliver outstanding support for all customer enquiries and issues with our integrated tracking, routing, and assignment feature, bringing together all data elements of the ticket-buying journey for speed of resolution.

endless extendability

Our flexible plugin system allows you to extend the platform’s capabilities by easily including custom plugins to your other internal systems like ERP, CRM and more. Experience lightning-fast response times for any custom development needs you may have.

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